About Us

Program Basics
  • Mustangs Shooting Sports is open to all Brophy College Preparatory (BCP) students. Students may participate as Mustangs Shooting Sports athletes in accordance with the rules and policies of BCP, the Scholastic Clay Target Program, Ben Avery and/or any other host facility.
  • Mustangs Shooting Sports is not an officially sanctioned program at BCP, but a Club made up of BCP athletes.
  • Mustangs Shooting Sports athletes and the club organization shall adhere to all committments established by BCP for a Club organization to remain in good standing (examples include but are not limited to election of officers, holding monthly meetings, maintaining academic qualification, and participating in a community service project.)
  • All Club athletes will be recognized for Club participation as well as having the opportunity to compete in a limited number of Scholastic Clay Target Program sanctioned events. Mustangs Shooting Sports Club level wil be available to all students (no cut) with a practice scheduled twice each month from October through April.


  • Mustangs Shooting Sports will also field a Varsity Competition Team and a Jr. Varsity development team which will compete in significantly more events throughout the state, region and nation. By necessity such teams will have a more aggressive practice and competition schedule to be determined by the coaching staff. 
  • All Club, Varsity and Jr. Varsity Squad and team placements are earned and are subject to revision at any time. There is no guarantee of placement on any particular squad for any athlete regardless of tenure or class year. Squads will be determined exclusively by the coaching staff based upon performance, athleticism, skill, team support, academic standing, attitude, practice attendance, competition scores and any other criteria which the coaches determine are in the best interest of the team.
  • The process for naming the captains and assistant captains for squads will be at the sole discretion of the coaching staff.
  • There will be no Brophy College Prep Varsity Letters and/or JV Certificates issued for Mustangs Shooting Sports athletes. Varisty or Jr. Varsity designations are awarded within the Club and designation is at the discretion of the coaches and/or Mustangs Shooting Sports Advisor Council. At a minimum, athletes must qualify for the Varsity squad in at least one discipline and compete at the SCTP State and National level within that squad. Additionally the athlete must qualify and attend the Zone Championship of the national sanctioning organization, or equivalent, within their Varsity discipline